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Stomp is a movement, of bodies, objects, sounds - even abstract ideas. There's no speech, no dialogue, not even a plot. But what makes it so appealing is that the cast uses everyday objects, but in non-traditional ways. Stomp takes the everyday sounds of pipes and brooms, lighters and garbage pail lids, and creates the extraordinary.

So why go see Stomp? Well, have you ever composed a symphony using only matchbooks as instruments? Or created a dance routine based around sweeping? You may have done this a little, but get a group of rhythmically gifted, extremely coordinated bodies with definitive personalities, and you have the makings for Stomp.

Since its premiere at the Edinburgh Festival in 1991, Stomp has played to audiences around the world including in America, Canada, and Australia. It was featured on the 1996 Academy Award show after having received a nomination in the 'Short Film' category.

Off-Broadway performance at...

Orpheum Theatre

126 Second Avenue, New York
(between 2nd Avenue & 9th Street)


Performances to December 30th, 2019: 

Tuesday to Friday at 8pm
Saturday at 3pm & 8pm
Sunday at 2pm & 5:30

Added performance:

Thu, July 4th at 3pm

Mon, December 23rd at 8pm

Thu, December 26th at 3pm

Fri, December 27th at 3pm

Mon, December 30th at 8pm

No performance:

Thu, July 4th at 8pm

Tue, December 24th at 8pm

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